Machine Learning Meetings and Events

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Seminars: Seminars are held on Thursdays from 11am to Noon (talk starts 11:10am) in D.L. Pratt 290C unless otherwise noted. Seminars are coordinated by Kevin Swersky.

Cookies Talks: Cookies talks are held every WEDNESDAY at 4:00pm in D.L. Pratt 290C. Talks should be simple, accessible, and not exceed 15 minutes. Speakers bring snacks, and provide a copy of the presented paper.

Tutorials: Tutorials are held on Fridays from noon to 1pm in D.L. Pratt 290C. Tutorials are coordinated by Chris Maddison.

Talk slides can be found here.

Meeting Schedule:

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Jul 22, 2014 Group Meeting Alessandra Tosi: Metrics for probabilistic geometries: GP-LVM expected metric
Jul 3, 2014 Group Meeting Dahua Lin: Bayesian Nonparametric Max-Margin Discriminant
Jul 2, 2014 Group Meeting Abner Guzmán Rivera: Multi-Output Structured Learning
May 29, 2014 Group Meeting Hal Daume III (Maryland): The Many Flavors of Language: Understanding and Adapting Statistical Models
May 22, 2014 Group Meeting Christopher Honey: Integrating Information Over Time in the Human Cerebral Cortex
May 15, 2014 Group Meeting Nebojsa Jojic: Counting Grid Models
Apr 8, 2014 Group Meeting Brian Kulis: Small-Variance Asymptotics for Large-Scale Learning
Apr 4, 2014 Group Meeting Mario Christoudias: Non-Linear Domain Adaptation with Boosting
Mar 25, 2014 Group Meeting Yoshua Bengio (Montreal): Unsupervised Deep Learning
Mar 20, 2014 Group Meeting Elad Mezuman: Globally Optimizing Graph Partitioning Problems Using Message Passing
Mar 17, 2014 Group Meeting Elad Mezuman: Globally Optimizing Graph Partitioning Problems Using Message Passing
Feb 20, 2014 Group Meeting Alexander G. Schwing (ETHZ): Globally Convergent Parallel MAP LP Relaxation Solver using the Frank-Wolfe Algorithm
Feb 14, 2014 Group Meeting Jyri Juhani Kivinen: Statistical Models for Natural Scene Data
Feb 13, 2014 Group Meeting Srini Turaga: Using ConvNets, MALIS and crowd-sourcing to map the retinal connectome
Jan 23, 2014 Group Meeting Ryan Kiros: Multimodal Neural Language Models
Jan 9, 2014 Group Meeting David Duvenaud: Automatic Model-building with Gaussian processes
Nov 28, 2013 Group Meeting Jonathan Yedidia: The "Boundary Graph" Supervised Learning Algorithm for Regression and Classification
Nov 21, 2013 Group Meeting Nebojsa Jojic: Capturing and visualizing high order statistics with counting grids: Images, viruses and text
Nov 18, 2013 Group Meeting Michael Mozer: Using machine learning to amplify human learning
Nov 12, 2013 Group Meeting Richard Zemel: Anti-Discriminant Analysis
Oct 17, 2013 Group Meeting Mohammad Norouzi: Cartesian k-means
Oct 10, 2013 Group Meeting Chris Maddison: Annealing Between Distributions by Averaging Moments
Sep 26, 2013 Group Meeting Masashi Sugiyama: Machine Learning with Density Ratio Estimation
Sep 19, 2013 Group Meeting Kevin Swersky: Multi-Task Bayesian Optimization
Jul 4, 2013 Group Meeting Amos Storkey: Machine Learning Markets
Jun 13, 2013 Group Meeting Alex Graves: Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep: Generating Sequences with Recurrent Neural Networks
Jun 10, 2013 Group Meeting Abdel-rahman Mohamed: Deep convolutional neural networks for acoustic modeling
Apr 11, 2013 Group Meeting Yujia Li: Exploring Compositional High Order Pattern Potentials for Structured Output Learning
Mar 14, 2013 Group Meeting Roger Grosse (MIT): Model Selection in Large Compositional Spaces
Mar 7, 2013 Group Meeting Jimmy Ba: Standout: Adaptive Dropout on Feature Learning
Feb 28, 2013 Group Meeting Alexander G. Schwing (ETHZ): Efficient Inference and Learning for Structured Models
Feb 21, 2013 Group Meeting Kevin Swersky: Stochastic k-Neighborhood Selection for Supervised and Unsupervised Learning
Feb 7, 2013 Group Meeting Jimmy Ba: Standout: Adaptive Dropout on Feature Learning
Jan 24, 2013 Group Meeting Charlie Tang: Tensor Analyzers
Dec 12, 2012 Group Meeting Pierre Baldi (UCI): Deep Architectures and Deep Learning: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications
Nov 29, 2012 Group Meeting Anna Goldenberg: Using Machine Learning to Address Heterogeneity in Complex Human Diseases
Nov 22, 2012 Group Meeting Yisong Yue (CMU): Optimizing Recommender Systems as a Submodular Bandits Problem
Nov 15, 2012 Group Meeting Nitish Srivastava: Multimodal Learning with Deep Boltzmann Machines
Nov 8, 2012 Group Meeting George Dahl: How we won the Merck Molecular Activity Challenge
Nov 1, 2012 Group Meeting Lloyd Elliott (Gatsby): Dynamic clustering of genetic data with fragmentation-coagulation processes
Oct 25, 2012 Group Meeting Alex Krizhevsky: ImageNet classification with deep convolutional neural networks
Oct 10, 2012 Group Meeting Yoshua Bengio (Montreal): Regularized Auto-Encoders and MCMC
Oct 4, 2012 Group Meeting Roman Garnett (CMU): Bayesian Optimal Search and Surveying
Sep 27, 2012 Group Meeting Ilya Sutskever: The importance of initialization and momentum in deep learning.
May 31, 2012 Group Meeting Tapani Raiko ((Aalto University)): Deep Learning Made Easier by Linear Transformations in Perceptrons
May 28, 2012 Group Meeting Avrim Blum (CMU): Active (and Passive) Property Testing
May 24, 2012 Group Meeting Tyler Lu: Optimal Social Choice Functions: A Utilitarian View
May 7, 2012 Group Meeting Hal Daume III (Maryland): Complex Predictions need not be Slow
May 3, 2012 Group Meeting Laurent Charlin: Active Learning for Matching Problems
Apr 26, 2012 Group Meeting Volodymyr Mnih: Learning to Label Aerial Images from Noisy Data
Apr 20, 2012 Group Meeting Michael Jordan (Berkeley): Three short talks by Mike Jordan
Apr 16, 2012 Group Meeting Tamir Hazan (TTI-C): The Partition Function, Random Maximum A-Posteriori Perturbations, and Approximate Inference
Apr 9, 2012 Group Meeting Chris Williams (Edinburgh): Modelling of visual textures and object parts
Apr 5, 2012 Group Meeting Yee Whye Teh (Gatsby): TBD
Mar 29, 2012 Group Meeting Brendan Frey: Synaptic plasticity and alternative splicing
Mar 15, 2012 Group Meeting Nitish Srivastava: Multimodal Learning with Deep Belief Nets
Mar 8, 2012 Group Meeting Maksims Volkovs: Loss-sensitive Training of Probabilistic Conditional Random Fields
Mar 1, 2012 Group Meeting Charlie Tang: Robust Boltzmann Machines for Recognition and Denoising
Feb 16, 2012 Group Meeting Hannes Bretschneider: Visualizing Neural Networks with t-SNE
Feb 9, 2012 Group Meeting Alex Graves: Sequence Transduction with Recurrent Neural Networks
Feb 2, 2012 Group Meeting Jasper Snoek: Opportunity Cost in Bayesian Optimization
Jan 26, 2012 Group Meeting Sanja Fidler: Learning a Hierarchical Compositional Shape Vocabulary for Multi-class Object Representation
Jan 19, 2012 Group Meeting Danny Tarlow: Learning Probabilistic High-Order Message Passing Machines
Dec 8, 2011 Group Meeting Tijmen Tieleman: Autoencoders with hard-coded domain-specific decoders
Dec 1, 2011 Group Meeting Boyko Kakaradov: CANCELLED
Nov 24, 2011 Group Meeting Tomáš Mikolov (Brno Univ. of Tech.): Language modeling with recurrent neural networks
Nov 16, 2011 Group Meeting Yutian Chen (UCI): Efficient Sampling with Kernel Herding
Nov 10, 2011 Group Meeting George Dahl: Training Restricted Boltzmann Machines on Word Observations
Nov 9, 2011 Group Meeting Michael Wu (Lithium): Metrics -> Features -> Models -> Insights -> ROI
Nov 3, 2011 Group Meeting Graham Taylor (NYU): Learning Invariance through Imitation
Oct 27, 2011 Group Meeting Kevin Swersky: On Autoencoders and Score Matching for Latent Energy-Based Models
Oct 20, 2011 Group Meeting Jeroen Chua: Factorizing Color and Shape Using Hierarchical Palettes
Oct 13, 2011 Group Meeting Ilya Sutskever: Small minibatch Hessian-Free optimization and the Extended Gauss-Newton matrix.
Sep 26, 2011 Group Meeting Andrew Delong (UWO): Minimizing Energies with Hierarchical Costs
Sep 19, 2011 Group Meeting Alexandros Panagopoulos (Stony Brook): Illumination Estimation Using Graphical Models
Aug 1, 2011 Group Meeting Vladimir Kolmogorov (UCL): Two topics in MAP-MRF inference
Jun 27, 2011 Group Meeting Babak Alipanahi (Waterloo): Multiclass modelling of asthmatic genotype-phenotype interactions
Jun 13, 2011 Group Meeting Danny Tarlow: Two Short Talks on Dynamic Message Passing Schedules for MAP Inference
Jun 6, 2011 Group Meeting Nikola Karamanov: HOP-Depth-MAP: Joint inference of labels and depth using high order potentials.
May 25, 2011 Group Meeting Brian Potetz (Kansas): Applications of Efficient Statistical Inference over Continuous Higher-Order Distributions
May 16, 2011 Group Meeting Quaid Morris: Helping to cure cancer using topic models.
May 9, 2011 Group Meeting Yoshua Bengio (Montreal): Progress in Deep Learning at U. Montreal
May 2, 2011 Group Meeting Mohammad Norouzi: Minimum Loss Hashing for Learning Compact Binary Codes
Apr 18, 2011 Group Meeting Tyler Lu: Learning Mallows Models with Pairwise Preferences
Apr 11, 2011 Group Meeting Tara Sainath (IBM): Exemplar-Based Sparse Representations for Speech Recognition
Apr 4, 2011 Group Meeting Douglas Tweed (Dept. of Physiology): Algorithms for near-optimal control
Mar 28, 2011 Group Meeting Hugo Larochelle: The Neural Autoregressive Distribution Estimator
Mar 21, 2011 Group Meeting Kari Hoffman (York): Active exploration and the brain: how eye movements influence the neural code for faces and objects.
Mar 14, 2011 Group Meeting Volodymyr Mnih: Conditional Restricted Boltzmann Machines for Structured Prediction
Mar 7, 2011 Group Meeting Navdeep Jaitly: Learning alternative representations of speech signals
Feb 28, 2011 Group Meeting Laurent Charlin: Learning to improve matching
Feb 14, 2011 Group Meeting Jasper Snoek: Semiparametric Latent Variable Models for Guided Representation
Jan 24, 2011 Group Meeting Geoffrey Hinton: How to force unsupervised learning to discover the right representation of images
Nov 29, 2010 Group Meeting Hugo Larochelle: Learning to combine foveal glimpses with a third-order Boltzmann machine
Nov 22, 2010 Group Meeting Inmar Givoni: Learning Better Image Representations Using ‘Flobject Analysis’
Nov 15, 2010 Group Meeting Radford Neal: MCMC Using Ensembles of States with Application to Gaussian Process Regression
Nov 8, 2010 Group Meeting Maksims Volkovs: Learning to Rank with Multiple Objectives
Nov 1, 2010 Group Meeting Paolo Viappiani: Optimal Bayesian Recommendation Sets and Myopically Optimal Choice Query Sets
Oct 25, 2010 Group Meeting Danny Tarlow: Learning with High Order Models and High Order Loss Functions
Oct 18, 2010 Group Meeting Peter O'Donovan: Learning Color Compatibility
Oct 4, 2010 Group Meeting Renqiang Min: Deep supervised non-linear embedding for classification and data visualization
Sep 27, 2010 Group Meeting Ilya Sutskever: A Recurrent Neural Network Language Model.
Sep 20, 2010 Group Meeting Ryan Prescott Adams: Tree-Structured Stick Breaking for Hierarchical Data
Sep 13, 2010 Group Meeting Marc'Aurelio Ranzato: How to make MRF's generate realistic samples of large resolution natural images
Jun 7, 2010 Group Meeting Quaid Morris: *CANCELLED* Using topic models to help cure cancer
May 17, 2010 Group Meeting Roland Memisevic: How to train a mixture of classifiers. in PT266
May 3, 2010 Group Meeting Wayne Hayes (UCI): Dynamical Grammars for Galaxy Image Recognition. in PT266
Apr 26, 2010 Group Meeting Hui Xiong: Bayesian learning reveals the splicing code
Apr 19, 2010 Group Meeting George Dahl: Phone Recognition with mcRBM feature extraction and DBNs
Apr 12, 2010 Group Meeting Ryan Prescott Adams: Dependent Probabilistic Matrix Factorization
Apr 5, 2010 Group Meeting Tyler Lu: Consensus decision making, and its interplay with preference learning and collaborative filtering
Mar 22, 2010 Group Meeting Alex Krizhevsky: Image Retrieval using Short Binary Codes found by Deep Learning
Mar 15, 2010 Group Meeting Marc'Aurelio Ranzato: Modeling natural images with higher-order Boltzmann Machines
Mar 8, 2010 Group Meeting Ilya Sutskever: On the convergence properties of Contrastive Divergence
Mar 1, 2010 Group Meeting Richard Zemel: Learning to label images with latent topic random fields
Feb 22, 2010 Group Meeting Maksims Volkovs: Learning to Maximize Expected Ranking Gain
Feb 8, 2010 Group Meeting Charlie Tang: Sparsely Connected Deep Networks for More Robust Visual Recognition
Jan 25, 2010 Group Meeting Brendan Frey: Learning the genetic code governing neural-specific messages
Jan 18, 2010 Group Meeting Volodymyr Mnih: Learning to Detect Roads in High-Resolution Aerial Images
Jan 11, 2010 Group Meeting James Martens: Deep Learning via Hessian-free Optimization
Jan 6, 2010 Group Meeting Ilya Sutskever: Unsupervised Semantic Parsing, by Hoifung Poon and Pedro Domingos
Jan 4, 2010 Group Meeting Michael Black: An Additive Latent Feature Model for Transparent Object Recognition
Nov 30, 2009 Group Meeting Vangelis Kalogerakis: Data-driven part recognition of 3D meshes
Nov 23, 2009 Group Meeting Amit Gruber: Latent Topic Models for Hypertext
Nov 16, 2009 Group Meeting Yoshua Bengio (Montreal): Experimental Investigations into Deep Architectures. in PT266
Nov 9, 2009 Group Meeting Inmar Givoni: Hierarchical Affinity Propagation
Nov 2, 2009 Group Meeting Pascal Poupart (Waterloo): Reinforcement Learning: A Model-Based Bayesian Approach. in PT266
Oct 26, 2009 Group Meeting Nevena Lazic: Solving the Uncapacitated Facility Location Problem Using Message Passing Algorithms
Oct 19, 2009 Group Meeting Iain Murray: Elliptical Slice Sampling
Oct 8, 2009 Group Meeting Yee Whye Teh: Nonparametric Bayesian models tutorial (2).
Oct 7, 2009 Group Meeting Yee Whye Teh: Nonparametric Bayesian models tutorial (1).
Oct 5, 2009 Group Meeting Kevin Regan: Regret Based Reward Elicitation for Markov Decision Problems
Sep 28, 2009 Group Meeting Danny Tarlow: Max Product in High Order Factor Graphs
Sep 21, 2009 Group Meeting Ryan Prescott Adams: Infinite Belief Networks
Sep 14, 2009 Group Meeting Ilya Sutskever: Modelling Relational Data using Bayesian Clustered Tensor Factorization. in PT266
May 6, 2009 Group Meeting Aapo Hyvärinen: Separating sources and analyzing causality in brain waves. Wed 4pm in PT266
May 4, 2009 Group Meeting Tom Mitchell: Read the Web: Toward Never-Ending Language Learning. in PT266
Apr 27, 2009 Group Meeting Jim Huang: Cumulative distribution networks: Graphical models for cumulative distribution functions
Apr 20, 2009 Group Meeting Seunghak Lee: Non-metric Neighbor Embedding
Apr 6, 2009 Group Meeting Laurens van der Maaten (TiCC/Tilburg): On Non-Metric and Parametric Variants of t-SNE
Mar 2, 2009 Group Meeting James Bergstra (Montreal): Machine Learning for Music Genre Classification
Feb 23, 2009 Group Meeting Timothy P. Lillicrap (Queen's) and Stephen H. Scott: How do the properties of the musculoskeletal system shape neural activity in primary motor cortex?. in PT266
Feb 9, 2009 Group Meeting Hugo Larochelle: To recognize shapes, first learn to generate reconstruct images. in PT266
Feb 2, 2009 Group Meeting Marc'Aurelio Ranzato (NYU): Unsupervised Learning of Feature Hierarchies
Jan 28, 2009 Group Meeting Yann LeCun: Learning Hierarchies of Invariant Visual Features.
Jan 28, 2009 Group Meeting Yann LeCun (NYU): Learning Hierarchies of Invariant Visual Features.. Wed 4pm
Jan 19, 2009 Group Meeting Ilya Sutskever: Using matrices to model symbolic relationship
Jan 12, 2009 Group Meeting William Ryu: Dimensionality and Dynamics in the Behavior of C. elegans
Dec 1, 2008 Group Meeting Yoseph Barash: Inferring RNA Regulatory Codes that Predict Tissue-Dependent Alternative Splicing
Nov 24, 2008 Group Meeting Yoseph Barash: TBA
Nov 24, 2008 Group Meeting Vinod Nair: Deep Belief Nets for Visual Object Recognition: Part II
Nov 17, 2008 Group Meeting Dustin Lang: Measuring the undetectable
Nov 10, 2008 Group Meeting Katherine Heller (Cambridge): Bayesian Hierarchical Clustering
Nov 3, 2008 Group Meeting Graham Taylor: Deep componential models for human motion
Oct 27, 2008 Group Meeting Andriy Mnih: A Scalable Hierarchical Distributed Language Model
Oct 20, 2008 Group Meeting Eric Hsu: Solving Satisfiability (SAT) Problems Using Loopy Belief Propagation, and Deriving a Convergent Variant Based on EM
Oct 6, 2008 Group Meeting Laurent Charlin: Hierarchical POMDP Controller Optimization by Likelihood Maximization
Oct 1, 2008 Group Meeting Vinod Nair: Deep Belief Nets for Visual Object Recognition. Wednesday 4pm
Sep 22, 2008 Group Meeting Geoffrey Hinton: Visualizing high-dimensional data using t-SNE
Sep 15, 2008 Group Meeting Ruslan Salakhutdinov: Learning Multilayer Boltzmann Machines
Sep 1, 2008 Group Meeting Past Group Meetings